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There are 2 ways to work with me to improve your thyroid health:
1) In my Group Program - the Thyroid TLC Kickstart - hop on the WAITLIST HERE to get access to exclusive bonuses and be the first to hear when it next goes live.
2) On my Signature 1-2-1 Program - the Thyroid TLC Solution - see below for full details.

The Thyroid TLC Solution
Your Personalised 1-2-1 Thyroid Health Transformation with TLC Support and Accountability
There's not a quick-fix or a one-size-fits-all solution to restoring your thyroid health. Nope Levothyroxine doesn't help everyone despite what your doctor said.

Your thyroid condition - be that Hypothyroidism (and as the result of a partial or full thyroidectomy or post thyroid cancer), Hyperthyroidism, nodules, goitre, or autoimmune Hashimoto's or Graves Disease - and your symptoms, didn’t just happen overnight – they took time to develop. Your root causes are unique to you, and so is your body’s path and timescale to wellness. That's why my Thyroid TLC Solution is fully personalised to help you find and address your root causes, and isn't a 'cookie cutter or one-size fits all' program to follow all on your own.

My Thyroid TLC Solution runs initially over 6 or 12 weeks and covers my proven A.D.D.R.E.S.S system - Assess, Diet, Digestion, Resilience, Exercise, Sleep and Supplements. It does what it says on the tin - to help you find and address your root causes so you can get back to feeling fab again.

It includes a comprehensive blood test with a full thyroid panel - it's a full body systems MOT as thyroid hormones (low or high levels) impact every system in the body. As well as a results interpretation review, your personalised Thyroid TLC Plan and regular check-in support and accountability sessions to help you implement your TLC Plan's action steps as I guide and support you along your thyroid healing journey.

Prices start from £825. I'm in Surrey in the UK and run a virtual practice working with clients from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Functional Testing 
I may recommend additional functional testing if necessary to help you dive deeper into identifying the root cause(s) of your thyroid and other health conditions and symptoms, using the most comprehensive tests on the market. 

Tests I often work with:
Stool Microbiome & Digestive Health (Invivo's GI EcologiX or Doctors Data's GI360 Complete) as well as SIBO Breath Tests
Hormones (DUTCH, Forth Life Cycle Mapping)
Vaginal, Oral and Urinary Microbiome Health (Invivo's Vaginal, Oral and Urinary EcologiX tests)
Nutrigenomics/DNA (Lifecode GX genetics panels including Thyroid, Hormones, Nervous System, Detox, Methylation, Nutrients & Metabolics)
Adrenal / Stress
Organic Acid Test

Getting the Best Results From Your TLC Program
To see recognisable and lasting improvements and achieve your goals, you need to be motivated and committed from the start to take control of your own health journey. You also will want to incorporate the health and wellness support (nutrition and lifestyle) recommendations from your TLC Plan, and work in a collaborative partnership with me.

Dedicated TLC Support at Every Step
Over the course of our time together, I will support and coach you through your TLC Plan's recommendations at a pace that fits in with your goals and commitments. 

I totally understand that change can be a little uncomfortable - I’ve been there myself. So I'm here to support and coach you every step of the way with regular video check-in sessions and secure messaging in between sessions available, to answer questions and keep you accountable to achieving your goals.

Ready to give your Thyroid health some TLC and transform your health? Great - let's take the next step together on a Thyroid TLC Call.

Next Step - Book Your Thyroid TLC Call Today

Let's start by seeing if my Thyroid TLC Solution is the right fit for you. Book your FREE 20 minute Thyroid TLC Call. We’ll meet on Zoom so we can see and find out more about each other, your health concerns and goals, and determine how best I can help you. I'll also give you some strategies to work on straight away. 

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